This is Bigger Than Business


Siren is the brain child of Matt and Meghan Walstatter and grower Bob Conley, and our goal is to grow killer cannabis to enhance everything you love to do.

From our early days as a caregiver grow, to founding one of Portland’s first legal dispensaries, we’ve been deeply involved in education, political action, and philanthropy in Oregon’s cannabis community.

That’s why when we’re not babying our buds at the grow, we’re out pounding the pavement to forge connections between our dispensaries, our customers, and the Oregon cannabis community.



Our Founders


Matt Walstatter

Matt has been a tireless advocate for cannabis legalization and patients’ rights for more than 25 years.

With his encyclopedic knowledge of strains, he’s the wiz kid who makes sure all of our strain selections are oh so choice.


Meghan Walstatter

Like Matt, Meghan has been a champion for cannabis legalization for most of her adult life.

As Siren’s systems specialist, she’s the planner behind every project making sure we produce the best possible cannabis flowers for you.


BOB Conley

As our lead grower, Bob is a master of cannabis cultivation. (If we ever start a grow on Mars, he’s the man for the job).

Together with Matt and Meghan, he’s drawn from his vast design and build skills to perfect our production process.